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Mahkota Tri Angjaya / PT. Mahkota Tri Angjaya. Kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di indonesia, beauty eyelashes, yang bertempat di Purbalingga (eyelashes purbalingga).

kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di Indonesia, bertempat di purbalingga . kami menghasilkan bermacam-macam eyelashes yang unik dan beautiful , anda juga dapat memesan pesanan anda sesuai yang anda inginkan . if you find a beauty eyelashes , you can contact us for information.

About Us

     Established in 31 December 2008, we commenced production initially only with 20 employees working in a building of 641 m2 and land of 2,595 m2. There were only 5 staffs and manual production equipment. Still, it did not preclude us from developing. As years passed by, we continue developing. At that time, departed from the hard work and determination possessed by owner, manager, staffs, and employees, we proceed from CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap - Partnership) into PT (Private Corporation) and changed our name into PT. Mahkota Tri Angjaya (MATA).
    On 2009, PT Mahkota Tri Angjaya had already expanded to export, supported by 80 employees. Our business kept expanded as there were foreign visitors in 2010. This was our stepping stone to enter the international market. In 2012, PT Mahkota Tri Angjaya had 1300 employees with production capacity of one million pieces/year. This was supported by employee's skill and young professional. We had already conducted various events inline with the development in order to increase the company's income and employee's welfare. Following international exhibition in Asia and Europe during 2011-2016 had been proven to boost the number of our exported products with the support of sophisticated production technology, as well as highly qualified human resources.

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