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Mahkota Tri Angjaya / PT. Mahkota Tri Angjaya. Kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di indonesia, beauty eyelashes, yang bertempat di Purbalingga (eyelashes purbalingga).

kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di Indonesia, bertempat di purbalingga . kami menghasilkan bermacam-macam eyelashes yang unik dan beautiful , anda juga dapat memesan pesanan anda sesuai yang anda inginkan . if you find a beauty eyelashes , you can contact us for information.

Corporate Value



Empower and develop employee's skill and competence in accordance with the job functions continuously as the company's key asset so do encourage the employee having eagerness to always develop their own.



Honest in words and deeds, willing to sacrifice personal interests, as well as firmly applying the values of decency and compliance, responsible and accountable in any circumstances.



Be responsible for the achievement of optimal performance by upholding professional and ethical standards.


Team Work

Awareness and willingness to work together among individuals, work units, clients and partners in achieving mutual benefit.


On Time Excellent Service

Have strong commitment to provide services that exceed the expectations of every customer by providing reliable and on time quality services and products.


Continuous Improvement

To evolve continuous improvement every day in every line by effectively and efficiently doing the jobs while cutting time and cost without sacrificing quality.



Think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity by developing innovative solutions to customer problems, differentiating through material,product, and process, and being proactive in initiating change.

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