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Mahkota Tri Angjaya / PT. Mahkota Tri Angjaya. Kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di indonesia, beauty eyelashes, yang bertempat di Purbalingga (eyelashes purbalingga).

kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di Indonesia, bertempat di purbalingga . kami menghasilkan bermacam-macam eyelashes yang unik dan beautiful , anda juga dapat memesan pesanan anda sesuai yang anda inginkan . if you find a beauty eyelashes , you can contact us for information.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: The minimum order is 10,000 pieces. Customer could order maximum 10 model. For each model, the minimum order is 500 pieces.

Q: Can we make order below the MOQ?
A: Yes you can, but the price would be more expensive and we require 100% advance payment.

Q: How to order?
A: Please go to How to Order page.

Q: What is the difference among mellow, synthetic, and human hair?
A: To see the process of making mellow lashes, synthetic lashes, and human hair, please proceed to page Product by logging in first.

Q: How is the payment term?
A: For sea-shipping, we require 30% down payment and 70% after the Bill of Lading (BL) has been issued.
For air-shipping, we require 30% down payment and 70% after the production has been finished.

Q: What is the terms of sale? Is it FOB?
A: The price given is FOB Jakarta. Every cost needed from the factory up to the shipping port is within the company, while after the shipping port the cost will be on the customer?.

Q: Can we order custom tray, custom hotstamp, and custom packaging?
A: Yes you can. For ordering custom tray, custom hotstamp, and custom packaging, you can proceed to page Services. If you have your own design apart from what we have, please proceed to Contact Us.

Q: How long does it take to make eyelashes?
A: It takes 1.5 - 2 months after the down payment to make eyelashes. This is due to a lot of things which have to be synchronized. The next order would take around 1 month.

Q: How many is optimal amount for trial order?
A: For trial order, we suggest you to order 30,000 pcs so that you can observe our company's service and quality. After that, you can adjust the order based on your needs.

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